The raw metal-heavy band Destination (Original Raw Metal) is uninterested in perfectly-tuned, polished music – they’re more into the hiss, pop, and crackle of their tracks with the live feel of a loud, raw guitar. Destination (Original Raw Metal) feels it’s what’s missing from today’s music and they’re here to bring it all back with a raw vengeance.


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Destination (Original Raw Metal) “Ghoul Show”

Ghoul Show

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by patton2121:

"These guys ROCK!! I don't think I have ever heard a sound like these guys have. If you are browsing around for some cool new music, I would buy this album. I would love to see them live.....the drummer in this band has some skills, but he looks real creepy. I guess thats all i have.....this album is a home run! 5 star pick up!!!"

by Meal fan:

"What music is missing! RAW Sound! nice"